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This Monday is no ordinary Monday. This Monday is the first day of spring! I was tempted to write "what are the odds?" but knowing my audience they'd probably calculate it... which may be rather good to know actually, but I still chose not to ask that rhetorical question...

Today's fact is that I love getting post. Love! It's just one of those things that will always make me smile! And today's photo is a reflection of a bit of my weekend that involved post. I had a great weekend, in great company, with great food and so chilled I didn't want it to end... nonetheless, opening these treats still made me beam with excitement. It was one of those moments where being Little Miss Joey really made sense!

:: spring. it is here. and noone can take it from us!
:: more spring, for a bit of repetitiveness never hurt anyone.
:: spending the weekend with a dear friend.
:: D's brownies, the best ever in the whole world.
:: learning to bake said brownies. and learning to ignore this little piece of wisdom.
:: sunshine.
:: leaving the scarf and arm warmers at home.
:: watching the rugby. even if England lost the match.
:: one mojito.
:: lazy sundays with films and food and chat and tea and sweet silence.
:: ice cream.
:: my camera. love. a little reminder of it.
:: photography, for I've seen so many inspiring images today my eyes are happy.
:: taking up this creative challenge with a friend.
:: oh, obviously getting post. chunky parcels that required the postman to knock and chat for a bit on how much post we get. I know! and I love it! and in case you are wondering, I got all these goodies here.
:: and spring.

Looking at this list, I'm sure I can live on it for at least two weeks. I am indeed one lucky Little Miss Joey :)

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