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Sunday breakfast

My body woke up today thinking it was 5am! Oh wait, it was indeed 5am only now it's been changed to 6am. That explains why getting up was even more of a challenge! On the upside, I had a slow breakfast like if it were the weekend (I took the bus to allow for that, had to keep the body happy after the feels-like-5am-abuse!).

Robert de Niro is my favourite actor. There, that's my fact of the week. The man's an acting genius! He can play any genre equally well, he can direct, he can do anything. I have watched most of his films, but not all, so I'm setting myself the challenge to correct that (watch this space!, or not as I tend to take my time with these things)! And I like his voice; good voices are important, I dare say essential in fact!

:: Sunday breakfast. love. photography. yumminess.
:: first run in a couple of weeks. scenic route covered in spring and light. good company. parfait.
:: de-cluttering success.
:: home-making success.
:: jam making fiasco, but sparked the interest. or how I'm going to call one of my aunts for advice.
:: half-gangster film with Robert de Niro. A Bronx's Tale. good.
:: iPlayer me likes.
:: knitting.
:: knitting club. nothing like a good chat over coffee and decor books.
:: photobox.
:: getting things done. oh the joy of simple things.
:: something to look forward to - M arrives on Thursday! He does! E is not coming (boo!) but he'll bring a bit of her with him. I just know! and F is coming too :)

This is a good Monday after all. It's the Monday of the week I see dear friends and if the price is waking up with a 5am feeling so be it, it's a very small price to pay for happiness!

Little note: photo is of Sunday breakfast. It was inspired by this lady and her food photos, I find her a huge inspiration (have to say I also love the fact she's Portuguese, national pride talking!). 


  1. Mouthwatering breakfast, but wait there's something missing, where are the fried eggs, bangers and bacon?

    It looks like your Photoshop skills are coming along well.

    De Niro is brilliant, watch Casino if you haven't already.

  2. hmmm, this breakfast looks delicious, partly because of the setting which is so important ...
    congratz on your new blog lay out, it's even more you!
    in only 2 nights M will be there and is really happy to come too :-)
    I wish you a great time!

  3. whooooops :( i just realised 'herst' is me. it was the 'word verification' i had to type before i could post my comment. another mystery has been solved ;-) so now you can sleep on both ears again :)

  4. Dobbin: That's a cultural difference... bacon tends not to make an appearance before 11ish (at best) in Little Miss Portuguese Joeys around the world. Looking forward to you bringing Casino in, ta mucho!

    herts/Elke: I thought I knew that style :) Layout still a work in progress, thanks for the feedback :)
    It's raining today, hopefully it will lift for the weekend!



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