keeping calm

keeping calm

So I'm ill. And therefore sensibly (newly acquired quality) at home. I was also bored. But not anymore, for I found photography things to play with and read about.

A little chronological insight into my day, if your curiosity begs for it...

:: woke up at 3am shivering and with what must have been the world sitting on my neck. the world is heavy, people, really heavy.
:: managed to go back to sleep at 5am. must be magic.
:: woke up at 6am with alarm. it hates me. and I hate it. it's official. the world was still sitting on my neck, it's rude now.
:: could not move so waited to text boss at decent hour. even made a joke. his phone is not working properly so joke was lost. 
:: M cooked breakfast. dragged myself from bed and the world, that bugger, followed me.
:: had a paracetamol and went back to bed.
:: by 9am I was feeling alive and in control of myself. may write a little thank you note to those lovely paracetamol people.
:: had a shower and got back into the pj's. I am ill and I will enjoy it.
:: sat on the sofa looking at photos.
:: played with the new frame and flowers which I got yesterday. They're keeping me happy and calm and whatnot.
:: had lunch. on the sofa.
:: looked at more photos.
:: made a decision (!): learn photoshop.
:: purchased some postcards from this lady. look so pretty. and now I have to wait for the post.

Important update: Only half the world sits on my neck now. Progress!

Little note: every task throughout the day has been performed in 10 minutes max followed by 50 min rest. definitely learning how to be productive here!

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