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Lisbon sky

Portugal has asked for a bail-out and my heart shrinks a little for it. It is my country and I love it. I love its people, its gentle paced life, its sunshine, its immense coastline and delicious food. I love the feeling of belonging and feeling at home. Portugal is a great country with a rich and diverse history and people reading the news today may not think so. That saddens me for if only they discovered Portugal they would love it almost as much as I do. A bit about what I mean here and here. And if you haven't yet decided on your holiday destination, why not visit Portugal?



  1. The bail out is sad news...but I don't think people will think any worse of Portugal for it, as many countries are suffering at the moment through no real fault of their own. Perhaps countries should be judged on things like sunshine, food and beaches instead of boring economic measures...errrm hang on, the UK wouldn't do so well would it...!

  2. And Portuguese teams did well in Europe tonight :)

  3. Thanks Dobbin :)
    That cheered me up!



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