inspiring Monday

Film friend

To be honest, this is a pretty uninspiring Monday. I write this from my sofa, where I have been lying for most of Sunday and today, ill and by now annoyed (yesterday I had no energy to be annoyed, but it's coming back to me now!). The minute I finished typing that last sentence, I remembered how comfy my sofa is. And inspiration flows back to my fingertips!

I should really make a list of all the ::inspiring Mondays:: facts so as not to repeat myself. What can I tell you today that will rock your world and make you think Wow, I really know Little Miss Joey much better now? I know - lemon drizzle cake is my favourite cake ever. It has replaced carrot cake and has been number one for 2 years now. And how does this make you know me better? Well, a lot can be said about a girl from her cake preferences. Clearly, I like sweet in small doses, tempered with a bit of reality. A bit of sauce to moist things up never hurt anyone. Yellow is my favourite colour. There you go, plenty of facts in one.

:: M visited. Pure bliss.
:: catching up with M over tea.
:: E's little gifts to me. sweet. beautiful.
:: M restored life to my very old film camera and taught me how to use it.
:: playing with said film camera and barely containing myself wanting to finish the film.
:: walking around photographing with M like in the old days.
:: catching up with F for longer than expected.
:: the comfiest sofa ever is mine and it's handy when you're ill.
:: chicken soup.
:: my boss. sweetest man ever.
:: friends.

In the end, ill or not ill (preferably not ill), I have a pretty good life filled with amazing and inspiring people. Yep, lucky Little Miss Joey.


  1. Being F, this post makes me Little Miss F :-).

  2. And Big Mr P is at least as sweet as your boss (and says it with a 'bit of sauce'). :)

    p.s. Worcestershire sauce ok?

  3. Haven't tried that sauce... hummm... bit of research required!



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