::inspiring Mondays::

By the pool

This week is easy. Being here is happiness. Simple as. This is not to say the list will be long... happiness is in the small things :)

About moi, I lived in the Algarve for 7 years. See how the number keeps appearing in my life? I was happy here. I was happy without knowing it and I was happy while fully aware of it. This became my first home away from home and I thought about living here permanently not really realising what that meant. I indulged in lazy Sundays with cat cuddles and slaved away in late nights of Uni work in the same measure. I studied and worked and partied and went to the beach at lunchtime and in the early evening when the light is beautiful and the sea welcomes you tenderly. I moved here a little girl and I left more of a woman, bag filled with smiles and memories and the pain of growing up tucked gently on the sides as if it could be forgotten but not quite. 

:: the four of us, in order of appearance: Dad, Mum, yours truly, little brother. 
:: in the Algarve, Portugal.
:: a tan. with me already :)
:: sunshine. in spite of the rain.
:: how we annoy in each other while still enjoying being together more than not being together. that's family love for you.
:: little brother working away on his laptop and asking my opinion.
:: Dad reading the paper. and reading more papers. I think they write papers just for him.
:: Mum humming old Portuguese songs like when we were little.
:: Portuguese food. there's nothing like it!
:: the feeling of home.

I hope you've had an amazing Easter, just as happy as mine. I had Easter almonds given by Dad, as every year; except that these were my favourite and they're now all gone... hihihi!


  1. I can feel your happiness by reading your blog :-) and feel happy too 'cause you are happy: to be there, with your family, enjoying the beauty of being part of a family, being home, nature, delicious food ... It makes me smile and curious about the photographic results ;-)

    The Algarve is also a region on my Portuguese wish list, but for now I'm enjoying other countries by looking to photos, listening to music, etc. It's not the same at all as being in a country personally, 'cause you miss out on the smells and the sounds and the warmth of the people and the light and the colours and the taste of the food but ... it feels a bit like being on holiday as well ;-) and for the moment I can be perfectly happy with that :-)

    Hmmm, Easter almonds, I love them too :-) It's one of the things I really can't resist :-)

  2. Glad you found time in your busy sunbathing schedule to write Inspiring Mondays ;-)

    I can't stand almonds but I did demolish an Easter Egg in 3 minutes today!

  3. @elkecita: travelling starts with the wish to visit a place and learning about it, I think... you are travelling to wherever you want to go by my definition :) and the time will come where you'll go to those places in person!
    Temptation is futile ;P
    The photography bit is not really going as per the plan, relaxing is more important :D

    @Dobbin: Inspiring Mondays can never be neglected :P
    Sure you don't like almonds? You may have to try one, you know?



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