::inspiring Mondays::


Little Miss Joey will confess to a slight grump with the end of the holiday. She cannot help it. A bit like speaking about herself in the third person. That said, things happened this Monday that made me happy and inspired me. Smile. Smile.

I now have a little list of facts about myself, in my moleskine, which I update whenever I think of some other very meaningful and interesting thing I could share here. This helps me keep track of what I've said already. Plus I like lists. This in itself is a fact, or two. But again I'll go further. I love light. Light is what moves me and my main source of inspiration. I need a well lit home and it is a decisive factor when picking a place. Lisbon has the most beautiful light in the world. Visit it. Maybe I should get a commission from the Portuguese tourist office... hum... but then you wouldn't believe my recommendations as much. I'm assuming you believe me :)

:: I had an amazing 10 days and a memory good enough to remember it for a long while.
:: Little brother.
:: Food festival with friends.
:: Sunny day.
:: A run. Still short of the goal, but a run nonetheless.
:: Mobile phones. Amazing little things.
:: Post Office.

What about you? What has inspired you this Monday?


  1. Hurting my knee while jogging = uninspiring

  2. That's not the spirit of inspiring Mondays... tell me something good :)



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