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Green for hope

I love today! I mostly love today because of yesterday. But I also love today for itself; I had a great day in work and I'm looking outside the window now and the sun is shining (even if the wind is blowing so strongly I wonder when I will have the pleasure of meeting the tree opposite in person!).

About Little Miss Joey today... I am easily pleased. Little things make me happy. That is not to say I am not demanding, unfortunately for the world I am and I have high standards (especially for ice cream!), but I get excited about simple things and happy with very little. That is really why I am happy. Not because I have the world, I just think the world of what I have (unless we're discussing people, in which case it has been scientifically proven I do know the best). 

:: my friends.
:: Oxford 10K Town and Gown. I ran it. yes. moi.
:: good news from home.
:: the breeze messing with my hair, annoying me and winning. makes me laugh.
:: the creative ladies at Raining Umbrellas. what an inspiration.
:: it's still sunny.
:: homemade muesli. Muppet's, not mine. love it.
:: Nicky sharing a moment here.

Green for hope. It is a hopeful Monday. It hopes everyone has a very good week. Isn't it nice of Monday?


  1. Love your post, made me happy to read it =O)

  2. Thanks Malin :)
    I'm really glad you like it!



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