::inspiring Mondays::

Cute cow

I had a lovely weekend and there was a heat wave on Sunday. British style heat wave, but nonetheless it was pue bliss. The arrival of Monday reminded me of how much I love weekends and that's always a good reminder. Thank you Monday, for that privilege!

I love cows. They are such cuties with their gentle ways and big sweet eyes. I also love penguins and elephants, the two cutest animals with the two cutest babies ever. And cats, of course. And dogs. Right, I am an animal person, but this is the post where I reveal I love cows. When we were little my brother and I planned to live on a farm so we could have a brown cow. And several cats. And dogs. And a few sheep and chickens and ducks. And whatever else we could get our little kiddy hands on.

:: feeling alive. and kicking.
:: knitting club. you couldn't get 6 women more different to one another if they tried harder and I love it.
:: green cardigan progressing well.
:: catching up with friends.
:: watching a friend's dance performance. T rules and I love him to bits.
:: heat wave. yay!
:: wearing flip flops and not feeling cold. joy!
:: sunshine.
:: BBQ.
:: running with my boys. I have the best running buddies ever! mine! all mine!
:: picnic lunch in work. best work team is also mine. score LMJ!
:: cinema tonight. X-Men here I come.

Still sunny. Oh my, gotta love hot sunny Mondays!


  1. Great photo Joey, the cow is a real star! Did you know that a good way of improving your spoken English is to recite the phrase 'How now brown cow'? Not that yours needs improving, in fact it's better than mine.

  2. Hi :) what a great blog you have. loved reading you. and the cow is adorable! I'll be back definitely. I might even write a short story inspired by one of your photos ;) saudações portuenses :)

  3. @Ana: wow, that would be great. LMJ is a fantastic writer herself. You 'must' read her under 'Notes' on her FB-page :-) I know you will love it ...

  4. @Dobbin: hahaha, I've tried saying that in a non silly way... not sure I've succeeded :P

    @Ana: Thank you very much for such nice words :) Mundinho pequeno este onde nos vimos encontrar aqui, tão longe e tão perto :) Adorei o teu blog e vou voltar :)

    @cococita: you are indeed the sweetest thing! I blush and feel so happy to know you in equal measure... and remember my blushing is pretty intense :P x



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