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Do you like books? Or do you *love* books? LMJ *loves* books. I love reading, but my love of books is greater than that. I love looking at bookshelves filled with books. That alone can make me smile. I can spend quite a long time just looking at them. In my bedroom at my parents' house, I have the shelves organised according to my favourites. I can lay in bed and remember the stories, when I read each book, what it made me feel. I love looking at my growing collection and knowing these books are all mine, mine! With me, they have found a safe place and we shall never part. Maybe I will never read them all, but who cares, that's not important. Their existence makes me happy and I like whatever makes me happy. LMJ is quite simple, really.

Oxford has bookshops. Loads of bookshops! Blackwell is to me the most iconic. I love everything about it, from its size and cosy feel with books everywhere, to the building. Buildings are important. A bit like the cover of a book. I could tell you all about the history of Oxford's Blackwell. I could, but my friend Nicky could do it so much better than I could, that I think we should ask him. Pretty please, Nicky. Ta. From Joey and her readers *insert adorable smile here*

Little note 1: Can you tell I love windows? Clever you!

Little note 2: If you love books, you should definitely read The Shadow of the Wind. What a superbly written book!


  1. . . . and if you love books I recommend "The Greatest Show on Earth", by Richard Dawkins - not only a good book but a good book about one of the most exciting stories in history. I'm sure you could get it from Blackwells too.

  2. This is spooky, I literally just commented on your blog :) KT Tunstall!

    Thanks for the recommendation :)

  3. How can I possibly refuse your request - flattery will get you everywhere ;)

  4. And also on the 'book level of life', we are quite alike :-) I couldn't live without my books. At a certain point in my life, I've been moving houses 5 times in 1,5 year and I always had an extensive part of my collection of books with me. To make me feel home :-) I love their forms, their colours, the smell of the paper, their history, being part of the editing and publishing team ... That are only some of the reasons why I studied literature ... :-) Bookshops are one of the rare places where I can be silent ;-) and enjoy the silence. Only the rustling sound of the pages and an enthousiastic smile when I find another treasure in the world of books are allowed then :-)

  5. @Dobbin: Yay! Looking forward to it :D

    @cococita: :) Know exactly what you mean! x



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