perfect Sunday

look at me

It's amazing how many *AWESOME* things fit in a Sunday. Even better than the awesomeness of the panda, if you ask me. Way better!

:: cuddles with JJ in the morning. lots of cuddles. rain means cats, even posh ones, want more cuddles. fine by Joey!
:: 8 mile run with the boys. yes, you've read it correctly, 8 miles. that is 12.9 km. 2.9km more than I had ever run before. yuppiiiiii!
:: opening parcel from dear friend from home to discover a friendship kimidoll (it's red, by the way!) and an old-school letter. I love old-school letters. the handwriting, the detail, how the paragraphs fall, love it! it made me laugh and feel warm inside and created this little knot in my throat from happiness.
:: meeting up with a good old Portuguese friend from Brizzle. the beautiful thing about good friends is that regardless of how long it's been since you've last seen them, when you meet it's like you've been for coffee the day before. I laughed and was silly and laughed a bit more and discussed meaningful things and talked about very meaningless ones and enjoyed every bit of my afternoon. a little bit of Portugal in my Sunday. a warm one. and he even let me practice my portrait photography.


  1. beautiful eyes :) love this photo.

  2. Thanks Ana :) He does have really beautiful eyes!

  3. Hihi, that's what I thought too. :-) His eyes are not only beautiful, they are intriguing too. And this man has beautiful eyelashes (although this may not be flattering for a man, but I love it :-)) I can imagine you had a lovely afternoon! And congratz on the run hon, wow, I'm really impressed Little Miss Sporty :-) Btw: how is the red racket playing?

  4. A compliment is a compliment, cococita, so I'm sure he'll appreciate the eyelashes one as it is true. They are long and dark, perfect :D
    hehehe... thanks! the true test will be this Sunday as my boys have other plans and I need to go by myself... let's see if I can do it on my own...!
    Racquet is awesome! :D



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