playing with yellow

looking over your shoulder

It's good to have friends who are happy to let you photograph them when their top happens to match a very cool graffiti on the wall behind them. And they pretend to read a magazine while you play around with camera settings and improve your photography. And then they even let you use the photo so you can tell the world of your journey through photography. Yes, it's good to have friends like mine. Yay, my friends. Yay, me. Yay, photographic journey of discovery!


  1. amazing photo :) congrats on such dear friends ;) I did my first street photos tour today!! couldn't imagine it would be so much fun! also got a sunburn but that's another story, lol :) xo

  2. R. is the perfect model :-)

  3. @Ana: Thank you Ana :) Really liked your street series, keep it up :) Maybe wear sun cream next time? :P xx

    @cococita: I know :D She's brilliant!



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