Tuesday daydreaming

out of focus pink

I'm house sitting this week with JJ, potentially the cutest cat in the UK. I'm pretty sure he would remove potentially from the previous sentence. JJ is a bit self important but so adorable that it really doesn't matter; clearly, LMJ and JJ get along beautifully!

JJ's photo is a work in progress (WIP), as well as a to do list that could keep us going here until the end of August. Or September, depending on how slow we're feeling. In the meantime, instead of actually labouring away on ticking a few items off the list, LMJ is daydreaming... isn't daydreaming just wonderful? So much fits in your dreams. And all dreams are better with a cat around to cuddle! 

Looking at photographs is making me daydream more... have you been looking at the These Moments Flickr group and blog recently? I'm always astonished by the quality of the images I see there, the delicacy of everyone's moments, how differently we all see the world and how much of a common thread there actually is. 

Lightbulb moment here: I will write daydreaming on my list! Clap clap LMJ, that's genius. Clapping over. One item ticked. Now, what's next?


  1. I agree! It stimulates daydreaming :-) and that's why I like it even more ... :p x

  2. so beautiful photo :) I didn't daydreamed much today but I'm definitely going to have sweet dreams in bed ;)

  3. can't wait to meet JJ >.<

  4. @Dobbin: Merci, Nicky :D

    @cococita: Thank you! I hope you can dream about colour, I know I am ;)

    @Ana: Thank you very much, Ana :) I do hope you have a lovely sleep! JJ will br introduced shortly :)

  5. I love this photo, LMJ! Beautiful color, soft and dreamy, awesome depth of field.

  6. Thank you very much, Debby! Such a nice comment :) We'll be seeing each other more again for Droplets :) x



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