::inspiring Mondays::

oxford narrow streets

This Monday felt like a Sunday and I loved it. It was slow and happy and the sun was shining and Oxford was so pretty in the sunlight I fell in love with it all over again. Tomorrow is back to the real world and let's not even think of Wednesday.

I like plans. What I like best about plans is how they are just guidelines, frequently on how to do things just outside the plan. I think of plans a bit like Captain Barbossa thinks of the pirate code: "the code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules." (Pirates of the Caribbean fan, oh yes!)
So, I like to have a plan but I'm ever so happy for things to actually happen outside of it!

:: sunshine.
:: plans going astray!
:: photographing the world.
:: JJ. adorableness!
:: friends.
:: vinho verde in the UK :D
:: slow Mondays.
:: the Portuguese language. delĂ­cia!


  1. your ::inspiring Mondays:: are always delicious :) Oxford looks dreamy on this shot. love it :) I'm also a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean (specially of Captain Jack Sparrow ;)

  2. :D Thanks Ana!
    Indeed Captain Jack Sparrow... :P

  3. Eu gosto de coisas que acontecem fora dos planos... Especialmente quando essas coisas nos levam a querer fazer novos planos!



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