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red bike

I cannot believe this is the last Monday in September. Where has this year gone? If someone is keeping it in their pocket, please return it to LMJ as she seems to have missed most of it. 

I've finally realised why my photographic niche are the little snippets of life, most commonly known as stuff. Are you ready for it? It's because it is indeed what I appreciate in life, the little things. I like the good routine, the small gestures, the little bits that make the whole. It finally makes sense! And I like it.  

:: postcards from afar. with little notes making an itinerary. LOVE! 
:: seeing my boys running the Oxford Half Marathon! 
:: cycling. :: living in Oxford. 
:: ice cream (I'll never get tired of this one). 
:: Spooks! Spooks is back, oh yes it is. (I'm ignoring the fact that this is the last ever series of Spooks!) 
:: knitting. 
:: receiving handmade socks as a gift from a lovely lady. it's a wonderful feeling!
:: sunshine. 
:: my duvet. pure love. 
:: homemade meringues. lush! 
:: smiling. 
:: laughing. LMJ loves. 
:: chamomile tea. peace. 
:: friends. mine. special. 

How are you doing on that side? How's your Monday inspiring you?


  1. Weird: I said exactly the same just an hour ago to Bocky.
    "I cannot believe this is the last Monday in September. Where has this year gone?" :)

    Yesterday I read this quote and thaught of you immediately:
    "Each colour, as long as it is red, is the colour that suits me the best." (Eugene Field) and tadaaah, then there is your photo of a red bike :p

    I like your little snippets as I like mine, because of the same reason :) Last week I wrote this quote in one of my (too many, dixit Bocky :p) notebooks and I want to share it with you:
    "Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things." (Robert Brault)

    Talk to you soon hon! As I miss you a lot ... 'cause to me, you are one of these little, big things. And a very special one :)


  2. as uplifting and inspiring as always :)

  3. O I loved this post, made me smile :-)

    Thanks I needed that, my monday was kind of not so great ;-)


  4. Os teus post são inspiradores e levaram-me a rever as coisas boas do meu dia-a-dia, é um exercício que às vezes me esqueço de fazer!
    O tempo tem sido curto para pôr no "papel" todas as coisas que me inspiram mas penso-as sempre que venho aqui. Por isso, obrigada. És inspiradora. You're really inspiring :)

    E gosto da foto e de saber que existem mais pessoas a apreciar as pequenas-grandes coisas do dia-a-dia!

    Uma excelente semana, LMJ :)

  5. @cococita: :D Obviously we would have said something similar, I think we must have been made out of the same mould!

    Red indeed suits me the best! I'll copy that immediately!

    Robert (like Eugene) has just become a quoted man on my little notebooks :D

    Talk to you very soon! Yay!!!


    @JZ: love it that you finally said hello :)

    @live a lot: so good to know this made you smile, especially when you needed a little nudge to do so. I hope you're better now :) x

    @Marisa: depois de corar e corar mais um bocadinho, fiquei sem palavras. O teu comenta'rio relembra-me porque gosto deste mundo da blogosfera e porque escrevo. Muito obrigada, Marisa.

    Espero que o teu dia seja melhor quando o ves sob outra luz :)

    Um beijo grande de boa semana!

  6. what an amazing photo! love it :) I'm glad your niche makes so much sense to you. you're so right. what a truly ::inspiring:: day :) so sorry the course didn't happen. will love the coffee (tea for me) on Xmas ;) my sister hardly speaks with my mother so she stopped spending Xmas with us, two years ago. she prefers to be alone in London. I truly miss her on that Eve, so it will be like a bit of the UK coming to visit me :))

  7. Great post! It's the little things that make the life indeed. Love your list. And the image is beautiful. love it.

  8. The little things... I LOVE IT! And that's been staring you in the face, quite literally, all this time!

    And so so so appropriate, though you weren't to know it when you did it... that you decided to go 'Little Miss Joey', because it totally sums up you in 3 little words. xxx



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