when Nicky met Mr Bull

This Saturday, Nicky and LMJ went to Boars Hill to photograph (or attempt to, in LMJ's case) the amazing view of Oxford one has from there. What I bring you today are none of those views, but something else... the fascinating story of how Nicky befriended a bull.

Hello Mr Bull. You look very nice on this lovely Autumn afternoon.

Gosh Mr Bull, you're really close to me... hum... 

What, Mr Bull?? Now you're licking my tripod? Really?

Ok, that's it, Mr Bull... I'm calling for help... Help!

Right, fine Mr Bull, have it your way... I'm ignoring you!

Nicky left tripod and camera to Mr Bull, who after a few more licks on the tripod went about his business (with a bit of persuasion in the form of shouting, maybe!). In spite of the licking, Mr Bull was ever so careful with the camera and managed not to drop it. Nicky made sure the tripod got knocked to the ground with the camera on it later on; he blamed the wind!

Little note: no bulls were harmed in the making of these images. Nicky may have a dented ego.


  1. I'm glad you didn't mention that I hid behind you as you retrieved the tripod!

  2. A great series of photos! Definately lucky the bull was in a gentle mood. I should say that I did enjoy the way Nicky stayed back, "bravely" filming on his iphone as you rescued the tripod.

  3. great story and shooting :) so funny! and cute :) I'm glad you had good weather. Autumn arrived to Porto yesterday. it's been rainy and windy. I've to try a session with this weather ;) I survived in London (and my camera too) so I guess I'll be fine.

  4. Love the photos. Because of the light and because of the subject ... :)

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHA Brilliant capture and story!

  6. Thanks everyone :)
    Your impressions will be forwarded to both Mr Bull and Nicky.. maybe they'll come to Cannes next year to receive best acting awards and whatnot :D



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