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Matching feet

This was one Monday I found difficult to cope with. It was pitch black when I woke up, I was still jet lagged, the day opened into a boring cold grey tint similar to an old lady's hair, I was nowhere near Rio and my tan, for I am now brown ladies and gentlemen, had to be covered up by winter clothes. Oh that was a harsh thing! However... it is always possible to find good bits, genuinely good bits that render weather considerations meaningless and I am happy to say my Monday got filled with those.

Today I learned I can cope with the English weather. I could go into many explanations of this statement and its importance, but the true thing to retain is: I've done it! Pat on the back for LMJ... ta! So what have I done? I now have the power to make my own sunny days, regardless of the official weather. Oh yeah!

:: hot shower to wake up.
:: warm home cooked porridge for breakfast.
:: morning walk, LMJ feels alive.
:: welcome back talk, I love it, really!
:: welcome back emails. precious!
:: Nicky said he had missed me. he may deny it in the future, but I heard it :D
:: planning our weekly runs;
:: look into the next weekends and looking forward to it;
:: dinner with the flatmate to catch up on the holidays, sweet;
:: Brazilian chocolate. lush!

I hope you were able to make a sunny day for yourself too, no matter the weather where you are! Do share below, I'd love to know and see what you've been up to :)


  1. your photo just made my day brighter. I'm happy you had a great time. here is raining too. but I'm fine with it, I don't leave the house that much, lol! today there is a 24h giveaway in wonderland ;) a sunny one. xxo

  2. And Plasma Engineer made a rather complimentary remark too. You look as though you had a great holiday! :)

  3. You are a strong woman LMJ! That's one of the reasons why I admire you ...
    I hope you are counting the days until your next Rio M-LMJ-quality (and other ;)) time already :))


  4. Miss you Joey... Hope you share more photos from Rio trip :).



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