::inspiring Mondays::

Eiffel Tower perspective

There is sunshine. I'll keep the early morning frost and cold temperatures to myself and share with you the fact there is sunshine. Plenty of it. Filling my bedroom and my soul. The thing about sunshine is that you only realise how much you've missed it and how happy it makes you when you have it and you're all smiles and funniness and bright eyes and happiness!

I'm still living off Paris memories and photos, not least because going through all the images is taking me a while. These last few weeks have been filled with photographs of past moments and future building and decision-making. See, when you have the Atlantic Ocean to consider when you want to cuddle up with your other half (ie LMrJ, if you haven't been keeping up), some things need to change, and believe me it won't be teleportation!

Oh well... more deep thinking for later as today is sunshine and Father's Day in Portugal!

:: my Father. Always on the end of a phone for LMJ and Little Brother!
:: sunshine! sunshine! sunshine!
:: photography
:: my bike, all neat and tuned and lovely, taking me places
:: LMrJ.
:: Miss E. or cococita, if you prefer.
:: coffee. the smell of coffee.
:: my friends. I am one lucky LMJ!
:: Europe. I love Europe!
:: sunshine, oh yeah!

How was your Monday? Promising, exciting, sunny? Or none of those things? Spring is quite literally almost here, two days to go now... I'm going to grab it!


  1. I feel flattered dear Joey! The future building and decision-making part really make me curious :) (I wouldn't be me if I were not, n'est-ce pas?)

    Extra kiss to MrJoey for his birthday! My deepest wish for both of you is that you could celebrate all your next birthdays together from now on ... I hope this dream can come true! Wouldn't that be a nice birthday present? ;)

    I love the outlook on spring too, although it feels like this wonderful season has already begun in my little country.


    PS: how is your dad doing? I hope he is fine and that you could go to PT for Easter ...

  2. awwww someone who loves the smell of coffee the way I do! Just love it, especially in the morning, and to make it perfect, in a sunny day



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