::inspiring Mondays::


It is Monday 21 May and Spring is finally here. Two months late, but who cares?, it's now ours. Preferably ours to keep, but let's begin by enjoying the week! What a difference sunshine makes, I can't highlight that enough even though I try hard by mentioning the weather pretty much every other post... note to self: change that!

This Monday a new phase begins for LMJ, the post-L'Atelier phase. You see, there is a time before and a time after this amazing photography course. Fingers crossed you'll notice the difference, I have already. I'm more aware of the world around me and the little bit of it that fits in my pictures, and I am even more motivated to photograph anything and everything. I was lucky enough to be part of a group of like-minded people who are enthusiastic and organised so we're keeping up the forum and the assignments and the banter, even though my level of banter in Spanish is pretty low... note to self: change that!

:: meeting up with Dr V ♥ ... how we miss you around here!
:: sunshine!
:: Spring. I'm gonna keep you close, oh yes I am!
:: L'Atelier and Jackie.
:: honest feedback, how important you are! thank you, Jackie.
:: my classmates at L'Atelier, what a creative and funny bunch!
:: keen volunteers to jump for me on demand!
:: curry on a Sunday. and Iron Man. and dolce fare niente!
:: sunshine!
:: knitting club.
:: photographic projects 

I hope it's sunny where you are :)
Is it?


  1. And again, dear lady, you sound like one happy lady! What sunshine, creativity, like-minded people and photography can do, n'est-ce pas?

  2. A beautiful post and a relaxing picture. Where I'm is raining but I hope it change and it will be like yours.
    I confirm your Spanish is improving and thank you to be a part of this funny group. Now are you jumping?
    See you on Flickr group. Kisses.

  3. It's raining here but not for long. Glad to see you've got some sunshine. It always cheers me up too.

  4. lovely pic!!!
    Ifeel the same as you about Jackie and Atelier and our amazing group of crazy people...
    Thanks for stopping by my blog ;)
    mua mua



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