Thursday flavour

Tomato sauce.

Margarida, from ei! kumpel has a delicious tomato sauce recipe on her blog along with a few suggestions on how to keep it. Perfect weekend kitchen moment!


  1. Tenho a impressão que fui eu que vos apresentei :-)

  2. Thank you for sharing! It's great to see that so many Portuguese people are reading your blog! :) Keep up the good work dear Joey: you have the gift to add happiness to a lot of people's lives :)

  3. @Joana: E' bem possivel :) e que bom que foi!

    @cococita: I know... how cool would it be to setup a meeting with all of them? I'm thinking of lemon drizzle cake and chamomile tea :D
    Thanks, sweetie! You definitely have the gift of making my days much brighter! x



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