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This is an inspiring Monday. It has to be. Otherwise why would I be laughing now? I'll explain. I haven't had a working phone line since last Wednesday. I woke up at 5:30 today and couldn't go back to sleep. I cycled to work and it rained... so I got there soaked. My visitors arrived late. I spilt lunch on my jeans and fleece; a nice orange sauce all over it, yep! And I ran for the bus with an open backpack filled with groceries that came flying out all over the street and the plums hit a lady in the head... yep... so there! But...

I didn't feel that tired. I changed into dry clothes and had a lovely homemade porridge in work. And coffee. My visitors were sweet and chatty and inspiring! I had another fleece and could just about wash my jeans. I got all my groceries back AND made the bus! Oh... and my phone works. So there!

:: a lovely girly weekend in Bristol 
:: that feeling you get when you laugh so much you think you'll never stop!
:: porridge. hot porridge when you need it.
:: LMJ has a working phone and likes it!
:: cream tea! 
:: girly cocktails!
:: massages.
:: cat cuddles.
:: the rain. it smells nice. or it makes the air smell nice.
:: dry clothes.
:: a working phone. it's quite important when your LMrJ is all the way over in Rio de Janeiro!

As I write this, I laugh a bit more at how good and bad a day can be. In the end, it's a bit of a story to tell and laughing is good. So Monday wins and I win. Who wins in your Monday? :)


  1. The fabulous art of seeing the bright side of everything (or, as people say in there: every cloud has a silver lining)!

    Gotta love this girl!

  2. jajajaaj!!!lo bueno es que estas de regreso!!!
    En el mural de Flickr y Facebook te extrañamos!!!volve!!!!!

  3. Oh, poor girl! Sounds like one of my bad days. I'm so glad you are one of those rare people who can see the brighter side of things. For most people, something like that would have ruined their day.
    Have a better Tuesday!

  4. I so agree with LMrJ so you win! :) You really master the art of living sweet girl! Can't wait for cream tea and a live update: only two weeks and one day to go ... Only the thought makes me happy!

  5. mas que segunda-feira!!! e por aqui continua uma chuva sem fim.

    Ontem choveu o dia TODO. Hoje choveu o dia TODO. Começa a ser difícil manter-me positiva… raios!

    Mas o teu post animou-me :)

  6. @Michael: awww... ♥

    @Pepa: como me encanta tu mensaje! Yo estoy casi de regreso... proxima semana! Por encuanto veo las fotos de la photowalk :D

    @Tara: I have my moments, lovely lady! The blog helps, to be honest ;)

    @cococita: oh dear Elke, this week I felt like I master the art of nothing :P Can't wait to have you here and having this amazing cream tea with you! You'll love it!

    @ei! kumpel: é que nem me digas nada... eu podia jurar que isto contribui para o meu estado semi-depressivo :P é a chuva que não pára e o céu que só tem uma cor - CINZA - e eu a sentir a falta do meu Portugalzinho cheio de sol!



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