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The London Olympics have taken the UK by storm and as a resident of this island I am proudly on the bandwagon! I'm loving it! Last Friday, LMJ watched the Opening Ceremony in awe! Seriously, Queenie, jumping off a helicopter with Mr Bond was simply brilliant. And light pink really suits you. Also, I'm available to housesit the corgis; I can provide references.

A young generation of athletes lit the Olympic torch together. Absolutely amazing! To me, this was the best part of the ceremony, bringing everyone together and truly inspiring a generation. I felt proud to be here.

The Olympics have brought about a new discovery for yours truly... I feel for this country as if it were my own, a little bit my own. As the games unfold, I find myself wanting everything to go well for more than just because; I am Portuguese, Portugal is my home, and am an adoptive daughter of this country too. It feels good! And while were at it, these Games will be excellent for me, cheering for three nations, Portugal, Brazil for LMrJ and Team GB! 

:: Women's Gymnastics. It is absolutely fabulous! My jaw has not quite got back to position yet... amazing!
:: The Olympic spirit! How wonderful it is to be part of it.
:: London so close. 
:: homemade red velvet cupcakes for LMJ. My heart just warmed up!
:: Champagne for the picnic, the pre-Olympics picnic. Style!
:: LMrJ. I miss him so but it is worth every single moment!
:: Olympic hockey... I like it!
:: friends who live close to the Olympic Park and let you sleep over.
:: laughing. I've laughing a lot these days and I love it!

My Monday has been filled with the Olympic spirit. I believe it is inspiring a generation, or several! I wish you all a wonderful week filled with inspiration and smiles.


  1. My best part of the Olympic ceremony was when the young athletes lit the torch too ;)

    I hope you was thinking in me, so then you send me a little red velvet cupcake. Yummy.

  2. Dropping by to say "hello." Your post just reminded me, I've got the Olympic games to watch! Have a great week.

  3. I could see you had a great time and it's lovely to read it too! Enjoy the afterglow sweetie! And I wish all your countries the very, very best! :)



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