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Joey in the kitchen 

This Monday is my last day as a 31 year old woman. Tomorrow I turn 32 and I'm already excited about it. The plan is to go to Manchester and... breathe now... watch a match at Old Trafford, a British football cathedral. The cherry on top of the cake is that we're watching one of the semi-finals of the Olympics football (not Brazil, but hey... at Old Trafford I'd watch dead cockroaches sing).

I love celebrating my birthday. As a kid growing up in Portugal, having an August birthday is not the best thing ever, as most of the country goes away on holiday and you're left with a few family members to have cake with, if you're lucky. Fortunately, I had a few cousins and I could still play around, but nothing spectacular. Having survived this somewhat traumatic childhood, I am now a birthday celebration addict! Give me cake and candles, anytime! Or every year, that will do!

:: one day to my birthday!
:: early morning run. how I love it! it's good to be back!
:: the Olympics. still amazing!
:: where were you on the 9.64 seconds Usain Bolt took to become an even greater sports legend? I didn't even blink!
:: enjoying the silence.
:: photography.
:: playing around photographing in the kitchen.
:: settling into my new house.
:: artist friends. bespoke unique jewellery pieces for every event I attend. Yep!
:: lovely saturday lunch and chats with said friend.
:: Friday pub. I can laugh!
:: a very chilled Sunday, with some knitting... green cardigan almost done!
:: homemade bread. it's the simple things, really, isn't it?

In my dreams, I would like to share my birthday with you by preparing a post on my day. Let's make it a Monday resolution then! Have a lovely start to the week and smile :)


  1. Have a great birthday! We are the same age :)

  2. Thanks Gisele :)
    Have a lovely week!

  3. Great photo and great post.

    And very early compared to some recent ones :P

  4. Muitos muitos parabéns!! De certeza que vais ter um dia bem especial e muito feliz e isso é o que te desejo.


  5. Miss you even more when I read this post ...
    I hope you are having a great birthday right now ...


    It's really lovely to read your comments... and read them again... and again :)




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