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in colour

It is October! October is one of my favourite months, if not THE favourite. October brought me my  little brother, after three years of boredom as a single child and for that I shall be forever grateful (to Mum and Dad, really!). 

My little brother and I are very close, we talk almost everyday, and I know I can count on him for everything and anything; neither of us will ever be alone because we'll always have each other and that is a very warm feeling. It's also good to know he'll always be honest and kindly inform me when an outfit really doesn't suit me! 

:: chatting to Little Brother about our plans 
:: PJ Sunday 
:: preparing fabrics for sewing projects. oh how I missed this.
:: combining fabrics and colours and ribbons and buttons until I smile with the result.
:: receiving a Little Miss Joey on my inbox. she's so cute that I can't wait to show her!
:: my beautifully red food mixer. oh yeah!
:: homemade bread. how delicious!
:: October. lovely.
:: a present from my dearest E., and a very timely one.
:: Autumnal sunshine... pure eye candy!
:: figs.
:: watching seven episodes of Downton Abbey... non-stop.
:: Masons. in real life!
:: running. early morning or just after work, I don't mind.

How was your Monday? A good start to the week and the month? I do hope so!


  1. acabo de comprar en Etsy unas cositas para la bebita de una amiga hechas en esa tela de pollitos ♥
    es linda!

    octubre es mi mes favorito !

  2. @Jackie: :D es de si comer de tan bonita... la encontré numa tienda en Londres!
    Beso, Jackie! Y muchas gracias por tu visita :)

  3. Oh it was actually nice, working from home (In london this time, yes!!!), and as it became sunny at the end of the day I went for a walk near the river.
    Love your textiles here, the colours are so beautiful!
    And I'm also quite addicted to Downton Abbey, that's what I do every sunday 21h :D



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