::inspiring Mondays::


Sunshine. 22ºC. More sunshine. Little brother. Parents. Cats. Cuddles. Family. Sunshine. Excellent food. More sunshine. The sea. Sunshine, of course. Can you guess where I’ve been? Home, where all batteries get recharged! Porto, Portugal!

I went home for Little Brother’s birthday. Finally, I could sing happy birthday and give him a cuddle and eat a bit (or a lot!) of the birthday cake. I love Skype, I do, and I use it every day, but nothing beats the real thing. I laughed and chatted and laughed some more. We discussed ideas and strategies and materials and the way forward. I went out photographing windows and cutesy houses with Dad. I went out photographing the sea and then the river with Little Brother. I had girly chats and pasteis de nata with Mum. I saw my little cousin’s belly button and heard about second grade and bike rides. I went out and had nice conversations well into the early hours without falling asleep. I ate amazing food and had excellent wine. And I soaked up the sun until I had a permanent smile on my face which should last for days.

:: Little Brother 
:: the parents.
:: birthday cake! Yummy!
:: sunshine.
:: my aunt bringing me brigadeiros to the airport because I asked her to!
:: cat love!
:: the sea. the smell of the sea.
:: Portuguese food.
:: my flight companions giving me their apple juice
:: one more hour in Portugal, courtesy of the hour change this weekend. ta mucho!

It is cold and rainy in Oxford, but I’m ignoring all of it and focusing on the little memory of sunshine I brought bottled up for special occasions. Like today, where I miss home that little bit more because I have just been… funny how that works, huh?

How's this Monday working for you? Hope you are having a lovely start to the week, wet or dry, sunny or otherwise!

Passeio Alegre


  1. In my little country it's cold and rainy too, but your photography and your words just warmed my heart! Thank you for sharing sweetie!
    I am so glad to know that you had such a great weekend: can't wait to hear more concretely about your plans ... and ... I am pretty sure that the countdown to LMrJ's arrival feels more bearable now thanks to these wonderful days back home! Have a lovely week ahead x

  2. Siempre es bonito regresar a casa y más para esos días tan señalados. Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!!

  3. Não me digas que fomos a Portugal nos mesmos dias (quem sabe no mesmo voo??)? Nós fomos na quinta e voltámos no Domingo e também voámos para o Porto.

    Adorei, tinha tantas saudades. O sol, o céu, as pessoas, a comida, os mimos. E os pastéis de nata que o meu cunhado me foi comprar :) :) :)


  4. ahh nothing is better than the feeling of going home! I miss all that, the people, the food, pasteis de nata... ohhhhh I seriously miss them!
    I've actually spend my weekend in Luxembourg with a friend of mine, and it was sooooooo cold, that now I'm sick. But this week is shorter so oh well :D

  5. Second photo is magical Joey. I could do with a few days in the sun myself, now that the novelty of Autumn has worn off. Preferably somewhere it doesn't rain every 5 minutes!

  6. @cococita: I'm glad you feel a little bit warmer inside :)
    Catching up soon, I hope!! xxx

    @Eva Linda: Es verdade, no hay como nuestra casa :)
    Gracias, Little Brother says thank you :)

    @ei! kumpel: Eu fui na sexta e vim no Domingo. Do Porto. Na volta estavas no meu voo, da TAP?
    Eu também adorei, não queria voltar. Quase desisti, duas vezes. Muito mimo!
    Beijo grande

    @MissLilly: hehe, we're all missing the same. amazing how pastéis de nata keeping cropping up :P
    starting the week sick is not ideal... apart from the fact that it feels like the weekend a little bit longer :)
    Hope you feel well soon! xx

    @Dobbin: Merci, Nicky! You could have come along too :)

  7. Oh, nós voámos com a Easyjet desta vez! Muito mimo mesmo, mas sabe tão bem... e faz-me apreciar as pessoas tão mais :)

  8. Glad to know you are always good Joey :). I love your new blog design. It has been a while I did not visit your blog though. Sorry.
    Here in the evening almost heavy raining everyday, and at day time it is hot to 32deg. The weather is very unpredictable. Xo.



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