Little Miss Joey

Before the summer, I asked Lije if she could bring LMJ to life. I asked for world-domination cuteness, mixing a little bit of myself and of my favourite cartoon of all time, Mafalda. That was the extent of my briefing. When I opened the email that had my Little Miss Joey my eyes opened in happiness and admiration! Lije captured the essence of what I wanted and made it beautiful and oh so very cute. 

While I sit here admiring Lije's work with LMJ, all I can say is 1. THANK YOU!, and 2. if you ever need anything done for you design wise (or other wonderful goodies), make sure you ask her... she really is AWESOME!


  1. Me gusta mucho Joana. ¡Ha quedado precioso!

  2. As I've said, I really love this new look, and the LMJ is just perfect! It really matches your style

  3. I love this little graphic version of you! So cute :)

  4. Es genial, adoro yo también Mafalda, te ha quedado preciosooooo!!!!!

  5. Love the new look. Great work, Lije. Maybe the next step is a cartoon series featuring LMJ as 'the new Mafalda'!

  6. A cartoon of LMJ... Well that would be a challenge! :D

  7. @Eva:) Muchas gracias! Es que puedo tener el credito, todo es Lije :)

    @MissLilly: Thank you!! I think Lije was just fabulous in capturing "me" this way!

    @Liliana: pois... es tu :D

    @cococita: thank you, Miss E.! I knew you'd like it :)

    @Maider: :D Mafalda rules! Gracias!

    @Dobbin: wouldn't that be awesome?? I know! But someone wuld need to write it...!

    @Liliana: you're reading this, right? :D



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