missing Brazil...

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Rio de Janeiro by Little Miss Joey

Michael Palin, we need to have a little chat. Who told you to go to Brazil and make this amazing programme about it? Who? This poor Joey is left missing Brazil and her LMrJ even more. I could see myself packing and moving next Monday (just because we all know how much I love to start things on a Monday) throughout the programme and you haven't even arrived in Rio yet. Seriously, Michael, this is no way to treat your fans... Giving them wonderful images and deliciously looking foods to dream about and happiness and laughter and blue skies with sunshine and sea. If you fancy coming over for tea, we can discuss how you could improve things, Michael. I'm free next week, Monday will do.

a view from up above

View from the Sugarloaf, Rio de Janeiro by Little Miss Joey


  1. How will you be free if you're moving on monday?

  2. I've never been there, but I wish I can visit some day!!! I'm really curious about it

  3. Hihi, this post made me smile as it's so you! And on the other side, I think I understand you perfectly ... It's the first of November sweetie, and this time this month is an extra special one, so ... your Brasilian handsome is almost on his way :) x



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