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Oxford autumn morning

It's cold in Oxford. That cold that makes you want to have several hot showers a day, especially when you come home and you can put your PJs on afterwards and feel all snuggly for the rest of the evening.  What a feeling! And I'm feeling it right now because I'm lucky!

The week after I come back from Portugal is the hardest. I can still feel the warmth of the sunshine... but I can't!, I can still taste the food... but I can't!, I can still smell all those familiar smells that are home... but I can't!, I can still cuddle the cats... but I can't! Chasing after the memory of it all, the taste and life of the memory, is the hardest, and something the Portuguese people do oh so well. We're a nostalgic people, home to saudade and fado! When I realised I was happier and more cheerful than my  natural nostalgia would like me to, I told it to shut it and go sit quietly in the corner; but occasionally I miss it and let it out to keep me company for a little while... like when I come back from home and want to make the sweetness linger.

I woke up at 4am for no good reason and could not go back to sleep, but that meant I could wish LMrJ a good trip to Cuba as he boarded the plane. He'll be there for two weeks, with limited wifi access (if any!). So I guess waking up at 4am was a good thing. It's all about perspective, really!

:: the memory of home 
:: Little Brother phone calls. the phone rings in happiness, as do I.
:: LMrJ laughing when I'm trying to be annoyed. it's so sweet. and annoying. and sweet!
:: getting back into a running routine with Nicky. I'm lovin' it!
:: Oxford chilly autumnal clear mornings. gorgeous!
:: morning walk with porridge and my favourite podcast. bliss!
:: my hot water bottle. the snuggly feeling lasts and lasts!
:: post. what a great invention!
:: James Bond awesomeness! been there done that!
:: looking up. and smiling. it works every time.
:: central heating. what a fabulous thing!
:: wifi... we only notice it when it's gone.
:: chamomile tea. always!

In spite of the cold, this was a beautiful and dry start to the week. Isn't that amazing? Yep, it is! How was your Monday? Inspiring? Happy? I hope so :)


  1. Está frio… está muito frio!

    Tanto que ontem nevou aqui… foi só 1h, mas era o meu aniversário e eu fiquei que nem uma menina feliz de ter neve no meu dia de anos… mágico!


  2. inspiring really. and yes it's getting so cold!!! so easy to feel nostalgic about our fado, our people, our sun!
    my monday was a flight delayed (same as every monday), but this time a flight back home.
    working from PJ and wearing warm clothing, drinking tea and editing my photos from the weekend. Not a bad monday if I dare to say.
    enjoy your week :)
    You're brother is very lucky to have such a sister

  3. My Monday was very happy too, I am starting a new job on Wednesday :-))))) Me encanta leerte Little Miss Joey así practico el inglés estoy enganchadísima a una serie que me parece muy fácil de entender en versión original "Once upon a time" ¿La conoces? La foto con la que nos deleitas, es preciosa!!!!

  4. Hi sweet Joey, I loved reading this. Your blog is looking beautiful! Miss you in Raining Umbrellas. xoxo



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