::inspiring Mondays::

Oxford mornings

Fairy tale morning light. The kind that stays in your memory and induces a happy smile no matter how long your day has been. The kind that makes you long for the morning no matter how late you went to sleep. The kind that makes you jump out of bed at 7am on a Sunday to go to the park and see the spires give shape to the magical morning light.

I have a very heavily sore chest and throat. My eyes are on the verge of tears by no fault of my mood. And I had to talk for a great part of the day. Somedays are just like that, huh? And some of those days happen to be Mondays. The way I see it, the week can only improve, so I'm not bothered I started Monday on a small dip. It could have been worst; much worst! I could have turned green and grown a second nose, or a third arm; my hair could have turned rainbow colour overnight from out of date shampoo; my porridge could have been cold, or too hot! In fact, I should thank this Monday for its lack of evil creativity! A cold and a chesty cough, Monday? That's a bit like children's insults... good effort, but low strength!

:: morning photography with my new lens ♥ my bed may miss me from now on!
:: Little Brother's calls. just because. 
:: spinach soup. warms body and soul!
:: hot water. you fabulous invention!
:: honest conversations with my boss. a good man!
:: green cardi has buttons. pockets on their way.
:: arm warmers. the kind that have no holes and are soft and lovely and made by LMJ.
:: Strefen. when life gives you a sore throat, give it Strefen... and laugh at it!
:: a Sunday filled with knitting and warm soup and silly films and Homeland.
:: Lindt chocolate balls. so smooth and soft and yummy!
:: oven roasted sea bass. Mum, you'd be proud!
:: early bedtime. so the bed doesn't miss me too much after all!

How was your Monday? Dry, wet, or so and so? Happy? I'd hope for happy! Have a lovely week!


  1. W.O.W., the most beautiful photo of one of the most precious (at least to me) in one of the most wonderful (at least to me) cities of the world. Thank you so much for sharing, as now I certainly am counting the days to be there!
    Looking forward to seeing the actual stage of your fabulous (and famous :)) cardi and to finally- meeting LMrJ at the gorgeous setting above!

    Take good care! I hope you feel better soon! How I'd love to live just around the corner, to do groceries and some cooking for you!

    Hug hug hug

  2. *places ... Mostly I think faster than my typing goes :)

  3. From the sounds of it, you can be quite creatively evil yourself! :P
    Hope you feel better quickly. I always use Strefen too.

  4. wow wow wow que foto fantastica!!!! adorei
    Monday? Hum returned from my weekend trip and countdown for my return to UK :D
    have a nice week



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