Monday, 21 January 2013

being good pays off

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A friend of mine asked if I could make him some curtains. I hate making curtains. Therefore, I said yes. Hard logic, no? Yes... and no. How to say no when a friend asks you for a favour, something you can actually help them with? So you say yes. And you moan your way through to the finished curtains, because that's what you do and it makes the whole thing much funnier. You give yourself ice cream at the end of it. You get a tough glutes workout from sewing on the floor all day. And... without you even dreaming it, said friend gives you a Spa treat with a massage and all as a thank you! Yes! Yes! Yes! 

It definitely pays off to be good and nice to people. Even if I would have done it for nothing, as I thought I was... but blimey I'm loving the thought of that spa day and deep tissue massage, oh yes I am! Thank you!


  1. Awesome! I hate making curtains too:)

  2. wow amazing, that was so nice of your friend. I would love to go to the Bath Spa!!! Enjoy it

  3. So attentive of your friend and so well deserved :) Enjoy it sweetie! xxx

  4. Disfrutalo, ya viste, todo trabajo tiene su recompensa! :-)

  5. Disfrutalo, ya viste, todo trabajo tiene su recompensa! :-)

  6. muito sortuda a menina Joey :) Aproveita!



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