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My one little (big) word for 2013 is change. I wrote about it earlier in the month, mentioning how change came to be my word and the joys of actually having a word. I didn't go into the specifics of what the word meant to me, nor did I reveal what my resolutions are. This arrangement worked for me but it may change as I become reacquainted with my writing and blogging from the heart.

January is ending and I look at my one little word and feel happy I chose it. I feel I have an ultimate goal for the year, so no matter how clueless I feel on a dark cold Thursday night, I still know where I'm meant to be heading. Thirty days have passed and I feel I've achieved so much more than if I had not chosen a word. Quite amazing!

change :: my approach to this blog and I love it.
change :: the way I book myself and my calendar is now a friend.
change :: how I look at small setbacks by having perspective.
change :: my view on my own plans to ensure I do what works for me.
change :: ensure I always fit in the things that need doing and are good for me, like making my own bread.

I've started with the little things that mean a lot on a daily basis. Things that ultimately improve my happiness without me realising it; it just works that way. I am looking forward to what change and I will be up to in February!

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  1. I am looking forward to next month together with you and proud of you, sweet lady! :)

    Blogging from the heart: I am actually doing this course ( which is a real bless, but as I am tired of reading on the screen, I will wait until I get the e-book of the course to really dive in as I still love to read and study things on paper (old fashioned lady, hihi :))

    Love your new way of blogging, as a new blog post by yours is always a surprise and I really like this spontaneous way of blogging ...

    Hug to you, sweetie and enjoy every slice of your homemade bread! :)


    PS: my word of the year is grounding. Working hard on it as well :) I am with you on this :)



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