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Costa Coffee at Gatwick Airport

Oh.my.god. Am I one of them?
This is the question I've been asking myself since I had a heart warm moment on seeing Costa Coffee at Porto Airport.

I am a fan of Costa's. I am. And the only coffee parlours I like more than Costa Coffee are the independent ones. What I see as the proper cafés.

Cafés (and bakeries) are abundant in Portugal. You find one in every corner and much like the British pub, most people have a local café where everyone knows them and they know everyone. It's a good feeling! Coffee chains are only just appearing in Portugal and the majority of said cafés are independent (not a word we use in Portugal, as that's what's expected anyway!).

I'm a big fan of the Portuguese approach to cafés (and bakeries, let's not forget the bakeries) so it was a huge surprise to me to feel cosy at the sight of a Costa Coffee at the airport. I'm now very concerned about my Britishness levels!


  1. hihi :) maybe it also has to do with the COSTA bordeaux/red :p

  2. ahahahha and I thought I was alone when I had that feeling in Faro airport!! I miss the little coffees and bakeries back in Portugal, nothing can beat that. In uk I love illy (but there's not many of them) and I really like Costa. First because of the name (hihihihih), it was the first coffee I had when I visited London for the first time, because it's a British brand and I like their sandwiches and brownies quite a lot!
    When I went to Paris in December, we always ended our evenings in the pub near the hotel ahahhahahah
    So I'm totally with you on this



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