::inspiring Mondays::

Oxford by the river

There is a good chance this Monday is the last one of an era which is about to end. I am fearful of the change yet I know it’s needed. I am accepting that maybe I am also excited. Talking to my aunts about it this weekend was great; it’s so good to hear their perspective on things and know of their unconditional support and gentle nudge for me to take a leap of faith.

:: awesome aunts. Mine!
:: mojitos with the aunties. Oh yeah!
:: my aunt’s brigadeiros. Pure heaven 
:: a good family. Also mine!
:: excellent housemates.
:: a beautiful drive to work.
:: lazy Sundays.
:: knitting.
:: things to look forward to 

How was your Monday? I hope the end of April is nice to you :)
It is now 19:47 and it is still light... I ♥ UK.


  1. Nice Momday! I love to hear you talking about take a leap of faith. Often is good to talk with the family, creating a special moments that you will remember forever :-)

    Mi lunes tb fue especial! Eva Linda se puso en marcha y tuvo una agradable acogida. Gracias por estar allí siempre compartiendo conmigo este sueño!

    Te adoro, lo sabes! Te mando un abrazo grande grande. xox

  2. ohh I'm glad that to ear you had a nice Monday :) it's good to have a good family by our side, really so important.
    my monday was tiring but yesterday ended up going to the pub with some colleagues and having a nice time, even with just 4h sleep. today I'm exhausted



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