::inspiring Mondays::

Any day is inspiring when one can spend it at the park enjoying the sunshine. In bare feet. Bank holiday Mondays rock!

Writing this post on a bank holiday is cheating. What's not to like about a long weekend, especially one with amazing weather? I had a busy Saturday morning, with a very yummy lunch cooked by Nicky, followed by a Star Wars Marathon, the first (old) films. Master Yoda is brilliant and I still don't see what is the fuss with Princess Leia, but what an awesome afternoon/evening it was. Sunday was all about chilling and Monday, well, the photo speaks for itself.

:: freshly washed bed linen dried in the sun. just perfect!
:: sunshine, the warm kind.
:: laying in the grass at the park. I do love East Oxford!
:: Pimm's. it does taste of summer.
:: my friends. what an awesome bunch of people!

Hope you had an amazing Monday, filled with sunshine and bare feet on the grass :)


  1. I know!!! It's such a summer day today, just gorgeous to stay outside! I woke up early today and went to the city centre with my parents, then leave them in gatwick in the afternoon, now just relaxing :)

  2. I'd give money to sit there with you, enjoying 'my' park in Oxford.
    Wishing you an awesome week ahead LMJ, and a succesful home hunt as well!



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