Bike to work day

What a great initiative! A group of us cycled from Oxford all the way to work and were rewarded with a nice breakfast. The atmosphere was good too and people got chatting in the sun while drinking orange juice. 

I have been cycling to work more but frequently I use a train station mid-way to complete the journey. This is the most strategic thing to do and saves a lot of time while still giving me/us all the benefits on an early morning cycle - like that absolutely fantastic view! 

Yesterday however, we cycled all the way and I loved it. I really think the Cycle to work day is a fantastic initiative, that gets people on their bikes and chatting to one another in work. Please, keep it up!

*Joey - you SHALL see her!


  1. Fun! Looks like a beautiful day for it!

  2. It was perfect, Anne :)
    We were very lucky!

  3. awww perfect really!!! when the weather is nice it's really good. I'm wondering if I should by a bicycle just for the weekends... but it's always rainy!!!



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