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So, what were the good news I alluded to on my last inspiring Mondays? I am one of the new contributors to Fe-line, an online publication primarily aimed at women.

I'm really excited with this opportunity to write for an established publication and connect with local people through my writing and little snippets of life. I will write one article a month, largely on a topic of my choosing. I did put forward several ideas in my proposal, but all of the sudden nothing seems worthy of that first article. Do you know that feeling? It's quite awesome... hehe!

There were several reasons why I wanted to be a Fe-line contributor and the cool thing is that some are only becoming clear now. I love when that happens! I love that feeling you get when things just feel right and the more you sail through, the better they feel.

Let the writing begin!


  1. Congratulations! Those are wonderful news :) I can so relate to this feeling. Please keep me posted about the publication of your articles: I so want to read them ...

    1. Will most definitely keep you posted :D
      I'm so excited!!

  2. congratulations! it seems just perfect for you :)

    1. :) Thanks, lovely! I can't wait to start...!



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