colour in our home

A home needs colour. It needs a bunch of other things too, especially to be lived in, but colour is an essential thing to me. Happy cheerful colour that makes your heart pop with joy at the sight of it. To me, that home colour is largely red.

I also think that a house should reflect who lives in it and let our personalities shine through the decoration we choose. Our house came with nice furniture, perfect to sit quietly in the background and be brought to life by colourful personal touches.

I already had a red ottoman pillow and wanted something to go with it. I used fabric from my stash and sewed the cushions above in my new (and yet to be organised) studio. I love them. They make our house feel like a home, feel like our home, and I love them for it.


  1. Ficaram tão giras e sim, precisa-se tanto de cor nesta altura do ano!

    1. Obrigada, Margarida!
      Sim, muita cor porque este cinza deprime...!

  2. sao lindas lindas as almofadas. tenho que ganhar coragem para injector côr cá em casa. fico sempre pelos cinzas, e pretos...



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