nós por cá todos bem

I've been knitting and sewing. I've got back to running and had to pause because of a harsh cold. I've been watching Breaking Bad and finished Homeland season 3. I've been feeling more and more and home in our ever so cute little cottage. I've been enjoying the Christmas spirit and Christmas dinners and traditions and British festivities. I've given (not posted) Christmas cards. My second article for Fe-line came out here and I'm still pinching myself that I'm doing this!

Nós por cá todos bem is a randomly scheduled feature for when images describe what's happening around here so much better than words could. You can read the first post here.


  1. Essa camisola! Ficou linda! Gostava muito de um dia saber tricotar assim, que talento :-)

  2. gosto imenso da camisola tb, estas de parabens :D



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