choose :: January update

January has been a wet month in Oxfordshire. We had (and still have) grey skies and rain, lots of it, and floods. All of the above ask for indoor time, with tea and cookies; or ice cream under a blanket while watching Breaking Bad. We’ve also had Barcelona and blue skies and a good relaxing break. So much can fit in a month, hey?

I have thought a lot about my one little word – choose – and what to make of it. There were times when I paused and took a deep breath and made a different choice; and there were times when I didn’t. But I always thought about it! I’ll count that as progress, if I may.

I had been reviewing this space only to realise I don’t have to. This blog is evolving naturally and I write about what makes sense to me when it makes sense (or when I can, but that’s a different story). I write about things that are important to me right now, in a variety of ways; hopefully, some of it can amuse/be helpful to someone else.

Project Life; no need to plan my approach, it sort of planned itself. I still need to finish last year’s and haven’t done anything this year… guess I’ll be documenting it monthly then. Solution found! 

Wet January, there have been a lot of good things in you!


  1. o tempo está uma miséria, já é difícil manter-me positiva… anseio por dias mais secos, mais amenos e com mais sol!

  2. Honestly, I miss your former logo. Nevertheless, I agree with your 'organic' blog approach :) Always love to read and see your little snippets, dearest Miss Joey! x



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