inspiring Mondays


Some days are a bit more difficult than others to go by regardless of their ranking in the week. On that note,  this Monday flew by on the wings of endearing moments, good writing and good old rants with friends.

The fact of today is I may regret having said I'd always tell something about me on inspiring Mondays, but because I'm feeling generous today I'll throw in another one: I didn't wear perfume until I was 30 and randomly came across Chance by Chanel; I've since changed to Coco Mademoiselle also by Chanel. It's love.

:: Parents. Mum's descriptions of life at home. Dad's audible smile when I said I would like to go on holiday with them for Easter, could he sort something out?
:: Little brother. knowing we will always have each other.
:: still sunshine, bright and clear.
:: people smiling at me
:: getting the later train back in good company
:: dinner with friends. what a nice night it was.
:: M's cute panic at a spider. but she wasn't loud, oh no, that's for wimps.
:: lying in bed so very tired but still writing inspiring Mondays.

Photo: oh how I miss those long summers at home of reading and watching time go by at the beach

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  1. 'Audible smile' - love it. How come you don't wear perfume to work then, it would help counteract the bad smells around the corridors!



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