playing with photoshop part II

Bike resting photoshop 2

Yes, you've seen this before only slightly different. Basically, it's same same but different

I continued my exploration of photoshop during my ill weekend. I confess I was getting nowhere until I came across this tutorial on this blog (thanks guys!). Regardless of the fact that my photos (or the light in my photos or anything in my photos, really!) look nothing like theirs, I followed the steps anyway. This gave me a nice starting point to figure out what did what to what; I played with different colours, hid layers, added layers and whatever else. When I finally got tired of it all, I settled for the version shown above (from this original and this first play). And you know what? Moi  it. How about you? [insert scared face here as moi wonders how sad it would look if none of my five readers were to comment on this... sigh]

little note: Dobbin likes it not. but it is ok. this time.


  1. Although I'm not a big fan of Photoshop I like this version of your photo very much :-) because of the mysterious effect of your color choice ... And the very good chosen color combination. So keep up the good work with the Photoshop-challenge!
    Nevertheless I'm still convinced that your photography doesn't need any Photoshop, but that's only my opinion ;-)

  2. *colours ;-) and not colors :-)

  3. :D
    Even before I read the comment, I'm already happy there is a comment! Thank you :)

    I have to say photoshop is also a new potential friendship for me... let's see how it evolves...

    Thanks for the photo comment :) and the compliment!


    P.S. - love the correction to the British spelling ;)

  4. No I still don't like it and agree with Elke the original was fine, but hey it's all about learning to use Photoshop so that's the main thing isn't it?

  5. I guess the point of learning is to then use it... so perhaps before I spend more time on it I should decide whether I need this or not :)



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