Easter colours

Easter colours

Little Miss Joey is interrupting her ::holiday report:: service to share with you her poor attempt at capturing Easter colours. Well, poor by Easter standards, but a fantastic piece of photography nonetheless (I really need to review if this blog is about photography or LMJ's comic vein, but I'll leave that for another day). 

I'm not a particular enthusiast of Easter as such, I must admit, but the Creative Challenge I very keenly set out to do was on Easter colours, so Easter colours I did. I was brought up Catholic and for me Easter is purple. That's that. Bunnies and eggs and almonds are all very lovely, but they're not Easter. I'm sure this is a shock to most of you, and especially to the Easter bunny, but that is the truth and I'm a speaker of the truth. At this hour, the fact that I'm a speaker is already quite impressive (it is late!).

Normal holidays will resume now. Without purple, if I may :)


  1. Your blog is utterly delightful!

    Kate (slightlyeverything)

  2. Oh... thank you so much :D
    Really. Thank you!



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