Final holiday report

When land invades the sea

Do you ever wish holidays could last forever? Or at least another week longer? I do. And little brother does. And life would be only too perfect if it had. As it is, life is only pretty damn good. Which I'll settle for. For now.

feet in the sand

I relaxed. 
I spent time with the family.
I enjoyed myself.
And that was it.

Flying by the coast

None of us had a watch, life went by and we were there to live it. 

Evening sky

The good thing about this holiday was that it was just us. For the better and for the worst (let's keep this one quiet!). The thing about real life (as opposed to holiday life) is that sometimes you fill it with so many different and exciting things that you forget about the people who matter. They tend to always be there, the ones who matter. And they get overlooked, there's always a better time to be with them. Sometimes, you realise you didn't really spent quality time with them and you can do something about it. We were lucky enough to be able to do just that... and I loved it.

Fishing boat


The Algarve set on Flickr, just for you. Because I'm nice. And tanned. Did I say tanned? Yes, I am :D


  1. You're weekend with your family sounds perfect, Joey. Love your blog and photos (that door is awesome)!

  2. Hello Joey,
    love your Algarve set XD
    Those are precious

  3. @vicki: Thank you Vicki :)
    I did have a wonderful time at home... ah, holidays!

    @Dewi: Thank you Dewi! Looking forward to doing the course with you :)



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