Little Miss Joey's feet

Morning all

I bet you thought you wouldn't hear from me today. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be here either, but there's this thing called wireless internet anywhere and everywhere and it's absolutely amazing! Really! So here I am, matching hat and bag ready to go to (currently not so) sunny Portugal! I have to say the hat is all lovely and whatnot but is a bit of a nuisance to travel with... as in, it goes on your head and that's about it. So leaving the house at 7am with a big sun hat was... special!

I like photographing my feet. It started off with them being an easy target, they're always there (fortunately!). And then it grew into something more (like a nice love story!). I now really enjoy it, different shoes, different angles, different grounds, or just the same, that works too. And my today my feet, together with a bus and a plane (for no man is an island) are taking me home. I may even give them a nice goot massage as a thank you. That's how grateful I am! 

Right, Little Miss Joey is waving bye bye for now. But she'll be back soon. With photos. Lots and lots of them. Cameras ready, steady, go! 


  1. Blogging on the move...impressive Joey, very impressive!



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