good morning

I'm listening to Joni Mitchell. Do you like her? I do. It makes me feel nostalgic... the other side of me. Fortunately for us all, Little Miss Joey puts that side in its place most of the time. See, if I were to play that song in repeat I would be writing a very different post. Softer. Sweeter. Filled with gentle longing for nothing in particular. Vague. All of it is vagueness. All of it are impressions of what might have been. Of what may be. Smiles are just a thought. A soft print. Yes, that would happen if I were to play Joni Mitchell all night. 


  1. I love Joni Mitchell. Yet another wonderful post! Kate x

  2. Hihi, I like your photo for many reasons. One of them is I photographed on the same theme the day before yesterday, but my zoom didn't work well so the result is not quite the same ;-) x

  3. Thank you both :)
    Hope you enjoyed today and have a beautiful weekend!


  4. I love Joni! And so does my 25-year-old daughter, so we enjoy her together. My favorite albums are Court and Spark and Blue. Nothing can feed a melancholy mood like Blue :)

    I like your photo, too!

  5. Yes indeed, Blue is great. Clouds is my other favorite. I wonder which album you were listening to. Pretty picture too.

  6. @Debby: that's so lovely :D I'm only still really discovering her and placing names and albums, but the mood is definitely my kinda thing :)

    @Plasma Engineer: :) The youtube link is to Both Sides Now,_Now

    Thanks :)

  7. There was a good series on recently called Singer Songwriters at the BBC ( I don't think you can watch it on iPlayer anymore but it gives the track listings so you can investigate the songs...



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