::post delights:: book giveaway

::post delights:: Romantic style

Back at the end of March I entered a Selina Lake book giveaway at Trisha Brink Design. Mine was the first comment. Not that that is relevant. The important bit is that I won it. I did. I had been flirting with Selina's book Romantic Style for a while and when I won a copy I have to say I felt pretty lucky! What I did not know was I was to feel even luckier.

Trisha sent me the most lovely parcel, of which the book was just a part of. There was the flower photo you see below. All for myself. And more.

::post delights:: Trisha Brink Design

Over an email to Trisha I had said I wasn't that big on flowery photos. That is not to say I don't enjoy some flower photos, like hers, but overall it's not my thing. So she sent me these most amazing prints. Aren't they brilliant? And so me!

::post delights:: Trisha Brink Design

If you are jealous and would like to have some of these prints despair not!, Trisha does have a shop here. Go and indulge!


  1. Aw, you are so lucky!! Simply beautiful!

  2. yes I am jealous.... lucky girl. I ve been entering give away many times but always never be a winner haha... and I will absolutely check Trisha shop. Thanks Joey :) Have a good weekend.

  3. Thanks ladies :D
    It was my lucky day, I can now stop playing Euromillions :P




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