::inspiring Mondays::

Yummy bread

Today I had an ego moment; Nicky asked me what time ::inspiring Mondays:: was coming out so he could read it immediately (that last bit is mine, but that's how I heard it!). It made my day. That and the beautiful sunshine all day. Yes, all day! And the newest lesson of Raining Umbrellas. So I guess this Monday has a lot going for it. Well done, you, little sunny Monday!

About me today... sit back because this is a special one... I love bread! Ha! I do. Good bread. Cannot unfortunately set for anything less than amazing bread. You can find excellent bread in Portugal (yes, a bit more publicity to the country, we need all pennies we can get at the moment). The one on the photo is from the bakery we got our bread from during the holidays. Yummy! Anyway, what is the relevance of this fact to you? Little tip: you can bribe me with bread. Excellent bread, remember! Noone as ever attempted this feat, but I'm pretty sure I would succumb easily. Little Miss Joey is not perfect, just a cute planner of world domination. Or not! Note to self: work on the silliness levels! Please, LMJ!

:: 55 minute run. I did it.
:: let's have it again: 55 minute run. the longest I've ever run. yay me. little pat on the back.
:: my friends. they are good. carefully selected, yes, but very good nonetheless 
:: photography. my photography. this statement is a work in progress.
:: being an artist. being able to say this is my goal at the end of the creativity course. I thought I'd start early.  it's weird.
:: clear blue skies. 
:: water.
:: homemade muesli.

Mondays are underrated. Hope I'm changing that :) Have a good Monday!


  1. I must say that good bread is all too rare in the UK. When you do track it down it's much too expensive, like it's some rare delicacy. This doesn't seem the case in other countries, where nice fresh (and cheap) bread is just the norm. One of the great unsolved mysteries ;-)

  2. Hi

    What a great inspiring post, made me happy to read it :-)


  3. Dobbin: Maybe we could open a bakery together :D

    Malin: oh that's so sweet. I'm glad it brightened your day, your commented definitely made me smile :)

  4. Hello Little Miss Joey!
    I have to admit.. I like Mondays! :)
    I like what you said about your friends. I feel the same way. Very carefully selected but good! :)
    And "woohoo!" on the 55 minute run!!!
    Hope you have a "Terrific Tuesday!" hahaha!
    (I am off to try your suggestion re: photographing my work instead of scanning! Thanks for the advice!)

  5. @Christine: I also think photographing your creations is the best way :-)

    @LMJ: I know the feeling of being a bread addict :-) It can be sooo tasty ... And wow, I admire you for your 55 minute run. Well done! :-) You will be great this weekend, that what I know for sure. Raining Umbrellas is such an amazing experience. I already miss it ;-)

  6. *that's what: here I go again :p

  7. @Christine: thanks :D Tuesday was brilliant, now let Wednesday begin! I've seen your photographs already, I think it looks better :)

    @cococita: thanks E. I'll keep you posted on my run. I agree, raining umbrellas is an absolute treat and I'm so happy we're doing it :)




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