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Photo: Kate Hiscock of slightly me

Tuesdays are Pilates days, as of today. I can tell you I am making sure my naval navel is in the right position, while I wonder why we have to use words such as naval navel when we could just say belly button. Yes, I know that now, but I didn't until a couple of hours ago. It was fun trying to put my"unknown" naval navel in place. And hold it. Oh my, to hold it there. To be continued...

Well, pilates was a moment of my day, much like seeing Kate's photos only less visually appealing.  I'm  feeling very lucky I got to join her in the These Moments Flickr group and blog. Mondays are Kate's days and she's put together a lovely selection on moments... here... just for you.

I am also incredibly baffled to say we've been featured on; we've also appeared somewhere else, a place very close to my heart... guesses anyone?... if you said Nicky's blog you win a little virtual pat on the back and a big virtual smile! This is until I feel confident enough to send you a postcard of my photos, of course!

Have you visited the These Moments Flickr group? No? Really?!

P.S. - I want the frame in the picture above 

Little note: naval to navel courtesy of Nicky


  1. oh my, love this post. Thank you x

  2. 1) Hate to point out it's navel not naval ;-)

    2) Mention on - wow!

    3) These Moments and Slightly Me both rock!

  3. LMJ, I thought instagram will be fun for you since you take a lot of pretty pictures. It is a social network (similar like flickr) that you can share pretty pictures with the member. For now only available for iPhone app.

    here is the link:

  4. @slightly me: thanks Kate :)

    1) I shall correct it instantly and credit your services! I need a pocket version of you, please!

    2) hihihi

    3) Thanks and I know :D

    @Fenny: Thanks Fenny :) I'll check it out. I have an iPod touch so I can play with apps!

  5. Dear dear dear Joey

    I don't know why you wouldn't be confident about your photos. You are a natural talent and I know a lot of people think the same way about your photographic talent. So, just feel happy to be an artist and the world is waiting for your photography (and you know I feel the same way about your Portuguese Historias :-))


  6. *blush blush blush*
    you get the first postcard!
    big hug!



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