on nothing

Orange chocolate

Little Miss Joey is tired. Yes. The kind of tired you want to share with the world so people are sympathetic and preferably agree with you. Not on you looking tired, no! On them also being tired. And then you can all be tired together and the world feels like a much better place.

Little Miss Joey could also do with fuel even though she's not hungry nor in the mood for chocolate as eating uses energy!

Little Miss Joey is off to work on her weekly assignment for Raining Umbrellas while secretly thinking she's very creative. Oh wait, she just told everyone... Boo!

Little Miss Joey should stop referring to herself in the third person, get her act together and go to bed. At 9:18pm like babies, old ladies and chicken.

To avoid complete blogging disaster, I thought I'd leave you with a few things that made my day today

:: someone introduced themselves to us here :)
:: this peaceful sleeper
:: this adorable orange fluffy ball
:: this place

I hope this little list of visual treats makes up for my nothing post a la Seinfeld. That and the photo...!


  1. This is Cute Joey... yumm.. you know my weakness haa..
    Btw thanks for putting the link of our classmate blog, I think its brilliant idea. Will check one by one :)
    Happy weekend

  2. Looking forward to trying the chocs (subtle hint to Joey)

  3. You ARE very creative Joey! :-)
    Thanks for the links to these phantastic photos on Flickr and the interior photos. Love love love it

    PS: thumbs up for you 2morrow! You and your team will be great on the Town and Gown, there is no doubt of it.

  4. =O)

    Take care!

    Thanks for all the good advices :)

  5. @Fenny: Thanks :) Didn't mean to tempt you!
    I'm not sure I have everyone's blog yet, but maybe by the end I will :) I definitely want to keep in touch and see what everyone's doing, such an amazing group of people.

    @Dobbin: not before Ascot :P

    @cococita: Thanks E. For all of it. And the sweet text! And yay me, I finished in a decent time!

    @Malin: Thanks Malin. Hope you've had a good weekend :)



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