fascinators at Ascot

LMJ and Nicky and a bunch of their friends (for they actually have a real life in the real world) went to Royal Ascot. For those of you wondering, it is a posh event that has been posher and has horses racing at specific points. One could say one is there for the races and betting, but one is there for the wonderful opportunity it offers for people watching and fashion commenting. My goal this year was to be brave enough to ask people to photograph their fascinators. And I was. LMJ scores! Yay!

Are you prepared for LMJ's collection of fascinators? Sit back and enjoy!

How pretty is she? And this fascinator? So bold and... stunning, yes, that's it.

Her Mum made this fascinator especially for her. Superb! It was so beautiful and artistic and special!

Really liked the different style of this one, very traditionally and slightly 1950s. Her cheeky smile made my day!

Another stunner. What a face, I tell you. Again, a very bold fascinator giving such depth to the whole look... beautiful!

Daring, to say the least. Really brings out the dark dress with the unusual shape and bright pink!

The loveliest "me? oh yes, thank you" I've had all day. Love the sweet look and the really fashionable fascinator. Class, people, class!

This lady was adorable and bubbly and wore pink like no other. The fascinator is ever so flashy but it really suited her style. You go, girl!

Another bright colour bringing out a dark outfit. You know what? It works! Have you seen the cheekbones? Hollywood, please.


  1. Never thought about a career as fashion journalist and/or fashion photographer? :-) Your photos are as stunning as the fascinators are. And the models are so proud. Well, obviously they are :-) If I had to choose a favourite photo, I wouldn't know which, 'cause I like them all for a specific reason. Concerning the fascinators in se: the 50s one is sooo special. Really really really like it. Probably because it's different :-) The cut of her coat seems lovely too ...

  2. :D hehe, I wish the world would see me through your eyes, I love your vote of the confidence :)

    It was such a good experience to photograph these ladies, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much!


    One week!

  3. delicious :) and so brave of you! you definitely score, he he he. love all the photos and your comments. wouldn't know which one to chose, they're all so fashionable! :) what a great idea!

  4. Yay for being brave LMJ- these look amazing and you're really captured the fun, dressed up poshness of the day.

    Besides, who could ever turn your smiley face down when you ask.

    Keep at it!


  5. @Ana: hehe, thanks! it's a tough choice indeed!

    @melismusinginmay@ aww... thanks hon! More to come next year :P

  6. A photographic triumph, LMJ. Well done!

  7. @LMJ: thanks for sharing the link! Your photographs would perfectly fit in! I'm gonna share the link with a friend of mine (also Portuguese from origin, but living in Belgium :-)), who is working as a colour-, image- and style consultant. (Helena de Almeida: see my FB-friends ;-))
    @Dobbin: I agree! They are so great and definitely really Joey!!

  8. @Dobbin: Merci :) Can't wait to see your London set... some very good ones there!

    @cococita: :) you're sweet!

  9. All these hats and fascinators are so classic and lovely! All the ladies look gorgeous. I find where I live some of the outfits the women wear to the races could be better :( They tend to dress like they are going to a nightclub. Everyone gets drunk and sunburnt :(

  10. There was a very tight selection process involved to pick only the best ;)



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